David Gilmore

Boot them out?

Posted by - 16th December 2013
Should solicitors place a vote of no confidence against The Law Society chief executive Des Hudson & President Nicholas Fluck? The vote takes place on Tuesday 17th December. Not since…
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Small and mighty

Posted by - 26th November 2013
The government may want to hand out criminal legal aid contracts to fewer, bigger firms, but smaller practices with lower overhead costs are arguably in a better position to survive…
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PCT & Law Society course

Posted by - 22nd May 2013
I’ve heard of a number of solicitors and barristers expressing their dissatisfaction with The Law Society deciding to instruct DG Legal to deliver a course. This course is about campaigning…
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Tender: amendments to the IFA

Posted by - 27th September 2012
Since the Information for Applicants (IFA) has been launched, we have received several queries about the meaning of one of the selection criterion, writes David Gilmore. This was the criterion…
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Sharing good practice

Posted by - 31st May 2012
When the website went live in May, in a welcome message, I explained that the idea of launching an online magazine arose out of work funded by The Baring Foundation…
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New LSC Tender: the PQQ

Posted by - 29th May 2012
In my previous article, we looked at what categories were being tendered for and questioned whether the LSC’s intentions as set out in their Outline of Tender process document complied…
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