Legal Services Commission’s Standard Contract 2010 (article 5)

Posted by - 27th July 2012

General introduction to the series of articles As from the 1st of February 2012, when new contracts started with Family and Family with Housing practitioners, the Legal Services Commission’s mainstream face-to-face civil and crime providers have been operating under the same standard terms. It is unlikely that many people have had the time and/or motivation

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Pro bono, innovation and partnership

Posted by - 25th July 2012

1984, Orwell’s disillusioned vision of a dystopian future, famously written in 1948, was actually published in 1949, writes Rebecca Hilsenrath. In the same year, when George VI was on the throne and Clement Atlee was in Downing Street, the first female QCs took silk – oh, and Lord Justice Leveson was born. That was the

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The fight moves on with your help

Posted by - 19th July 2012

‘We have to get the message out, we have to raise the profile of the Access to Justice Foundation (AJF) and ensure we are providing support to the pro bono legal advice sector at this challenging time,’ says Ruth Daniel. In January 2012, the Access to Justice Foundation (AJF) appointed their first full time chief

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IOLTA: Every little helps

Posted by - 17th July 2012

My thanks to the Law Society for kicking off discussions about how the profession can ensure that people on low incomes can get the advice they need after the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) cuts come into force in April. A myriad of ideas is coming forward: the Co-op’s new legal services,

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Advice in a Leafy Suburb

Posted by - 13th July 2012

Almost a year ago, with many areas of London reeling after nights of rioting, the word on many people’s lips – delivered with incredulity – was ‘Ealing? Riots in leafy Ealing? Croydon or Clapham Junction OK, but Ealing?’ Hard to imagine what social problems there might be in the ‘Queen of the Suburbs’ to bring

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Regulation, ABSs and NfPs

Posted by - 5th July 2012

Many not-for-profit agencies will have been focusing recently on the tenders for new legal aid contracts, writes Simon Pugh. But in between breathing a sigh of relief at the successful submission of your PQQ and the release of the ITT in September, there is another issue to consider. How will you be regulated in the

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The COLP Report: Tombola time

Posted by - 26th June 2012

  Beware the British summer—the season of storms, gales, flooded caravans, transport chaos, sporting disappointment and, if you’re not careful, one other seasonal surprise.At this time of year, many firms rally their troops with an office summer party. Often held outside, it seemed such a great idea all those dark, wet, cold months ago.  Now

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Compensation for LSC maladministration

Posted by - 20th June 2012

You won’t find any mention of it in the contract and there’s no obvious guidance on the Legal Services Commission website, so you might be surprised to learn that the LSC operates an ‘ex gratia’ compensation scheme for situations where individuals or firms suffer financial loss as a result of their mistakes, writes Matthew Howgate.

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Sharing good practice

Posted by - 31st May 2012

When the website went live in May, in a welcome message, I explained that the idea of launching an online magazine arose out of work funded by The Baring Foundation to produce a series of guides for Law Centres. The Baring funded project itself flowed from work carried out by DG Legal funded by the

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On thinking the unthinkable

Posted by - 29th May 2012

When the government’s intentions to slash civil legal aid were made clear in the Green Paper preceding the LASPO Bill there was a collective sinking of hearts throughout the not-for-profit advice sector. Those of us with Legal Services Commission contracts were used to being battered by the system. We had been through many changes, from

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