We need to embrace mediation

Posted by - 20th September 2016

Award-winning mediator Tracy Winstanley explains why ‘We’ve always done it this way’ is a dangerous way for firms to think. Being passionate about what you do and what you want to do is essential to make a success of any business. However, knowing your market and what your client’s want is also key. Legal professionals,

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Bringing migrant children out of the shadows

Posted by - 11th August 2016

Recent cuts in legal aid have left an estimated 2,500 children each year bringing immigration cases without access to legal representation. Many of these uniquely vulnerable children could qualify for British citizenship, if they were informed about their rights, and had help finding their way through the immigration system. A recent report by the Children’s

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Why children should be barred from cells

Posted by - 26th July 2016

Shauneen Lambe explains why Just for Kids Law is calling for urgent reform in the way arrested children are treated. The treatment of children at police stations has long been an issue of concern to Just for Kids Law. We previously campaigned to close the loopholes which were allowing arrested 17 year olds to be

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Dignity in digital: technology and increasing access to justice

Posted by - 25th July 2016

A series of public workshops gave Hackney Community Law Centre important insights into the emotional discomfort and stigma some clients feel when seeking advice, writes Miranda Grell There are many within the advice and IT sectors who are championing the use of technology as a way of increasing access to justice, but what do the

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Postcards from the edge

Posted by - 22nd July 2016

More tales from the housing duty desk, by Sue James.  ‘This case would be so much better without my client.’ It’s a thought most of us have had at some point I’m sure but, inevitably, clients are kind of essential. Or at least I thought so until recently, when I encountered Juana, my Spanish señora.

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A legacy of lawyering under fire

Posted by - 15th July 2016

Christopher Stanley sets out the unique legal challenges still facing lawyers in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland remains a state of exception, characterised by its own particular circumstances which include a heightened security threat (largely ignored by the London media), its own cross-border arrangements (largely misunderstood by the Brexiters) and its own legacy of conflict (largely

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