Tory manifesto: a ‘deafening silence’ on legal aid

Posted by - 19th May 2017

Pledges for a Mental Health Bill, independent public advocates for families at inquests and measures to protect crime victims all featured in the Conservative party’s election manifesto, but there was a deafening silence on legal aid. The only reference to it, in the 88-page documents was a line in the section headed ‘Strong defence in an uncertain

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Cybersecurity on a shoe-string

Posted by - 18th May 2017

Following last week’s NHS hack-attack, Tim Hill, technology policy adviser at the Law Society provides some practical advice for avoiding IT meltdown and where to look to for help Modern life seems to be in a never-ending race to catch then overtake science fiction. But as we trade our Star Trek-inspired flip phones for the

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Young defendants should not be denied trial by jury

Posted by - 16th May 2017

A hybrid Crown and youth court would be the best way to ensure young defendants charged with serious offences receive a fair trial, delegates at the inaugural youth justice summit heard. At the conference, organised by the Youth Justice Legal Centre, practitioners disagreed on the most appropriate venue for trials involving defendants aged under 18 charged

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What’s so good about pro bono?

Posted by - 15th May 2017

The Bar Council and Law Society should not be promoting pro bono schemes, but lobbying government for a levy on City firms to fund legal aid, argues Jon Black of BSB solicitors Pro Bono translates as ‘public good’ – a misnomer if ever I saw one. The public could be forgiven for thinking it was an endorsement

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Are you surviving or thriving?

Posted by - 12th May 2017

  In Mental Health Awareness Week LawCare chief executive, Elizabeth Rimmer, offers ten tips to build resilience We all have mental health, just like we have physical health. Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act, and it can determine how we handle stress, relate to others,

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No state to be in

Children living in this country with no nationality face a barrage of financial and legal obstacles to end their statelessness, say Solange Valdez-Symonds and Steve Valdez-Symonds Emily was born in the UK to parents who were not settled or British citizens. She was not, therefore, born British. The law of her mother’s country of nationality

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Why defence lawyers must speak up for silent clients

Posted by - 28th October 2016

The announcement that lawyers for Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam would no longer act for him cast the media’s spotlight on a number of important issues faced by criminal practitioners, particularly those acting in controversial or difficult cases. Abdelsam’s lawyers, Franck Berton and Sven Mary, explained that they had withdrawn because he had chosen to

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Bone-headedness and luck

Posted by - 27th October 2016

Nothing in her previous career as a city lawyer prepared Emily-Anna Gibbs for the long hours and stress of working in legal aid. Here, she explains how and why she made the switch. (Pic: Onfokus) Ten years ago, I was working as a newly-qualified solicitor at the international firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. My colleagues in London

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The law of the jungle

Posted by - 21st October 2016

More tales from the housing duty desk, by Sue James. The migrant camp at Calais is nicknamed the jungle. But that’s not what I saw. Read other articles in the series here Sketch by Lucie and Dilly Boase from Playing cricket with the Afghans on the Justice Gap What I found on a recent visit were

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