Gary Bell needs to retract his ill-informed views about ‘venal’ solicitors if he wants our confidence

Posted by - 7th June 2016

Jonathan Black of criminal defence solicitors BSB Solicitors asks how defence solicitors can have confidence in Michael Gove’s new advisory council, when it is being chaired by his QC ‘mate’, who thinks firms employing higher rights advocates are ‘venal’? In January 2016, Justice Secretary Michael Gove announced that he would be abandoning his ministry’s pursuit of

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How I learned to love social media

Posted by - 27th May 2016

I’m a fan of social media. It wasn’t always that way and if you catch me on a bad day, my opinion might be different. What I can say is that over the past decade it has helped me develop my practice, build my client base and extend my profile in a market that is

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