JusticeWatch: Rats in the lunchbox…

Posted by - 23rd May 2014

Weekly round-up: May 23 Rats in the lunchbox, mould in the mattress ‘I have never seen the level of poverty that we are seeing today,’ said Pamela Fitzpatrick. After some 30 years in social welfare law for the likes of the Child Poverty Action Group and Citizens Advice, Fitzpatrick set up the Harrow Law Centre

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JusticeWatch: Lies, damned lies and statistics (part 2)

Posted by - 9th May 2014

Weekly round-up: May 9 Statistics, damned lies and statistics… The Bar continued its tussle with the government over whether or not they would still be coining it after a 30% cut to VHCCs in the fall out from last week’s Operation Cotton fiasco. This time Simon Hughes, the justice minister, told BBC Radio 5 Live’s

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Weekly round-up: w/c February 25th

Posted by - 1st March 2013

News Digest for week commencing 25 February 2013, by Emma Walker Legal Services Commission publishes updates on crime and civil contracts and new matter starts: The Legal Services Commission (‘LSC’) has published the final version of the 2013 Standard Civil Contract and Category Definitions 2013 on the Justice website, as well as the amended 2010

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Weekly round-up: w/c February 11th

Posted by - 15th February 2013

News Digest for week commencing 11 February 2013, by Emma Walker Legal Services Commission agrees to drop controversial contract changes: Following talks with the Law Society, the Legal Services Commission (‘LSC’) has agreed to drop controversial changes to existing legal aid contracts.  A Law Society spokeswoman said that ‘following constructive discussions with the LSC, three

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Weekly round-up: w/c January 14th

Posted by - 18th January 2013

News digest for week commencing January 14th 2013, by Emma Walker Caveat contractor: Last week saw the Legal Services Commission (‘LSC’) notify firms of the outcome of the face to face tenders for family, housing, debt and immigration contracts starting in April. The LSC confirmed demand for matter starts was high, with firms bidding for

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JusticeWatch: ‘A triumph of principle over justice’

Posted by - 17th December 2012

Roger Smith, in his new column looking at the media and access to justice, takes a look at Leveson No question about the biggest justice story over the last few weeks. Nothing could beat the acres of coverage given to Lord Leveson’s report. The Guardian even gave us a breathless timeline: ‘Leveson report published –

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JusticeWatch: ‘We need to pick our battles’

Posted by - 30th November 2012

Roger Smith begins a new column picking up news stories relevant to legal aid Legal aid practice has come in for a battering this month. Judicial review was the subject of potshots from both David Cameron and Sir John Thomas. Chris Grayling then chipped in to challenge legal aid costs in high profile judicial reviews.

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Weekly round-up: w/c November 26th

Posted by - 29th November 2012

Justice Watch: 26 November 2012, compiled by Emma Walker. Quote of the week: ‘It does rather stick in the craw that very wealthy defendants are getting legal aid – and people who have housing or welfare difficulties are told, “Too bad”.’ Lord Macdonald QC Legal Services Commission announces successful tenderers for telephone legal advice services

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