JusticeWatch: Sharing Solutions Conference

Posted by - 15th March 2019

Sharing Solutions Conference This year’s conference will be held on Tuesday, May 21. It is a collaboration involving LegalVoice, the LIP Network, LIP Support Strategy and the Access to Justice Foundation. It will focus on showcasing and discussing solutions that will address key issues faced by the access to justice sector today. Sessions are likely to cover:

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JusticeWatch: Courageous advocates

Posted by - 8th March 2019

Courageous advocates ‘If there is any symbol of women’s progress in the legal profession and judiciary, then Baroness Hale of Richmond embodies it,’ began an interview by The Times’ recently retired legal editor Frances Gibb to coincide with International Women’s Day. ‘My impression is that judges are now a great deal more courteous and patient

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JusticeWatch: Right to rent ruling

Posted by - 1st March 2019

‘Right to rent’ ruling The government’s controversial ‘Right to Rent’ scheme was causing racial discrimination and violating human rights laws, the High Court has found – according to a report in the Independent this morning. The law, which requires private landlords to check the immigration status of potential tenants, was found to violate the European Convention

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JusticeWatch: ‘The dead rat is still there…’

Posted by - 7th December 2018

Justice in a time of austerity The BBC’s home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani made an unpleasant discovery at the Royal Courts of Justice. ‘The dead rat is still there,’ he tweeted. He couldn’t attach a photo because ‘that’s a breach of the law banning filming in courts’. ‘So here, for the one and only time,

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JusticeWatch: Justice in a time of austerity launch

Posted by - 28th September 2018

Justice in a Time of Austerity ‘The disastrous impact of austerity on the English justice system is increasingly being recognised,’ wrote Dr Daniel Newman on the Justice Gap introducing a new post-LASPO project: Justice in a time of austerity. ‘It is becoming impossible to deny that justice is in crisis; an under-funded, declining institution whose problems

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JusticeWatch: Austerity’s most savage cut

Posted by - 24th August 2018

Political pieties ‘Austerity’s most savage cut’ was barely visible, wrote Polly Toynbee in the Guardian. ‘Ambulances stacked up outside overflowing A&E departments make news because that could affect you or yours, any day,’ the columnist continued. ‘Pot holes in the road draw motorist and cyclist wrath, as do missed bin collections. But the near collapse of

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JusticeWatch: Time for a pay rise?

Posted by - 27th July 2018

Time for a pay rise Ministers had ‘run out of excuses for failing to match legal aid rate increases with public sector worker pay rises’, the Times Brief reported (here). Senior barristers and solicitors pressed the MoJ to match rate rises for criminal defence work with the 3.5% increase announced for junior teachers this week.

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JusticeWatch: The LAA’s facile assumptions

Posted by - 22nd June 2018

The LAA’s facile assumptions The High Court has this morning ruled that the MoJ decision to contract for fewer, larger housing solicitor duty desk schemes was unreasonable and ordered that new contracts be quashed. The legal action as brought by the Law Centres Network. There are currently 113 duty desk schemes across England and Wales

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