JusticeWatch: Something has gone wrong

Posted by - 11th May 2018

Rabbit in the headlights ‘Some of them just sit there like a rabbit in the headlights and haven’t got a clue what’s going on,’ said one judge in hitherto concealed research into the plight of unrepresented lawyers in the magistrates’ court. The MoJ had apparently buried a 36-page report containing ‘explosive testimony’ from judges and

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JusticeWatch: The Ministry of Injustice

Posted by - 20th April 2018

Vigil for justice ‘As the sun began to set, passions rose as solicitors and barristers, armed with placards, congregrated outside the ministry’s building in Petty France, London, to demand change,’ reported Monidipa Fouzder for the Law Society’s Gazette. The Vigil for Justice was organised by the Justice Alliance and the group managed to project the words ‘Ministry of

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JusticeWatch: #Charter4Justice launch

Posted by - 16th March 2018

Charter for justice Disasters in the criminal justice system should not be viewed in isolation, Jon Black told the Law Society’s Gazette. The London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association, with the support of the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association and Criminal Bar Association, has drawn up a ‘Charter For Justice’ – as reported on LegalVoice. ‘Over the

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JusticeWatch: Full disclosure and virtual injustice

Posted by - 2nd March 2018

Full disclosure As reported on LegalVoice, it was revealed that 97% of criminal defence lawyers had encountered disclosure failures in the last year. According to a survey for the BBC’s File on 4 programme, more than 1,000 lawyers experienced such failures. Of 1,282 respondents, close to a third said they believed that evidence not being

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JusticeWatch: Uncork the Gauke

Posted by - 12th January 2018

Uncork the Gauke The ancient post of lord chancellor was ‘one of the hottest in government judging by its speed of turnover’, wrote Frances Gibb and Richard Ford in the Times. David Gauke has become the sixth holder in as many years, the first lawyer since Ken Clarke and first solicitor in the job. ‘Reaction to the

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JusticeWatch: Full disclosure

Posted by - 5th January 2018

Full disclosure Commentators were analysing the collapse of two rape prosecutions (Liam Allen and Isaac Itiary) both due to police failure to disclose relevant material to the defence. There were ‘competing narratives’, noted an Observer editorial. Some saw the failed cases as a sign that “the pendulum has now swung the other way in a police

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JusticeWatch: Merry Xmas

Posted by - 22nd December 2017

Justice system going ‘flop-bot’ ‘Another day brings another terrifying near miscarriage of justice,’ blogged Matthew Scott (aka BarristerBlogger) about the Liam Allan case. The 22-year-old student was charged with 12 counts of rape and sexual assault but his trial collapsed after police were ordered to hand over phone records. The case was dropped after three

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JusticeWatch: ‘Mutineer’ lawyers and anger on the bench

Posted by - 15th December 2017

Dominic Grieve ‘not a headbanger’ The government’s EU withdrawal bill was ‘rushed into parliament’ without a draft text and suffered from ‘profound flaws, wrote human rights lawyer Schona Jolly for the Guardian. ‘It was not particularly surprising, then, to see that the majority of the Tory rebels in this week’s defeat for the government had

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