Peter Herbert on plans for a breakaway black football players’ association

Posted by - 25th October 2012

Professional footballers have been involved in preliminary discussions about setting up a black players’ association with the help of the Society of Black Lawyers (SBL), following a series of racism scandals in the sport, writes Elizabeth Davidson. Discussions are at an ‘early stage’ and involve ‘only a small number of players and football industry staff’,

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Blame game: when legal aid gets political

Posted by - 23rd October 2012

Political interference in the granting of legal aid – whether actual or suspected by members of the public – could become a genuine concern for the government after next April. Should public money be denied cases brought against government departments or that involve unpopular characters or controversial issues, ministers’ impartiality in the decision-making process may

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ITT Deadline: Midday, Monday October 22

Posted by - 18th October 2012

The response deadline for ITTs for face-to-face contracts in the following categories of law is midday on Monday 22 October 2012: Family Housing & Debt Immigration & Asylum Organisations that do not tender for work by the deadline will be unable to undertake legal aid work in the above categories of law from 1 April

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Roger Smith: ‘We may be poorer but we must be smarter’

Posted by - 18th October 2012

In a retort to Lord McNally’s recent exhortation to legal aid lawyers to ‘move on from LASPO’, the outgoing director of JUSTICE Roger Smith called for ‘radical change’. Roger Smith, who will be replaced by Andrea Coomber as of February 2013, gave his lecture on Tuesday – entitled ‘After LASPO: what future for legal aid?’

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McNally: LASPO was ‘bruising for all’

Posted by - 15th October 2012

LAPG CONFERENCE REPORT: ‘LASPO was bruising for everyone concerned, but I hope – whatever the disagreements of the past – we can all agree that the priority now is to look to the future.’ Lord McNally, the new minister for legal aid, told delegates at the Legal Aid Practitioners Group annual conference last Friday at

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East London advice sector hit by 60% budget cuts

Posted by - 11th October 2012

East London advice agencies have been left fearing for their future after an expected six per cent budget cut was — without warning — accelerated to 60 per cent by Tower Hamlets council, writes Elizabeth Davidson. The cut potentially affects a dozen advice agencies – including Bromley by Bow Centre, East End Citizens Advice, Tower

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75% cuts for agencies after change of heart at Tower Hamlets

Posted by - 9th October 2012

Winter is coming, both literally and metaphorically, writes Michael Ashe. In Tower Hamlets it looks likely to be long and cold. Statistics show that the borough is already the most deprived in England, and has the highest levels of child poverty. Over 50% of the borough’s pensioners have to top up their pensions with means-tested

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‘If people want a Rottweiler, they can go somewhere else.’

Posted by - 4th October 2012

‘We, and all other advice agencies, need to work together. We will continue to offer legal aid for as long as we can. We might well be the last man standing when it comes to legal aid.’ Christina Blacklaws, director of family law with the Co-operative Legal Services, speaks to Jon Robins. The Co-op last

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Weekend court plans in ‘chaos’

Posted by - 27th September 2012

Ministry of Justice (MoJ) plans to pilot Sunday magistrates’ courts have been hit by a technical hitch after prisons said they could not accept new prisoners on that day, writes Elizabeth Davidson. However, its pilot of full-day Saturday courts is still on schedule to begin in the Manchester area this weekend, despite vocal opposition from

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Law firm franchises: ‘It’s not rocket science. Firms can do it themselves.’

Posted by - 20th September 2012

Face2face, QualitySolicitors, Lawyers2u, highstreetlawyer… the list of law firm networks, franchising operations and collective marketing ventures is growing as the profession steers a tricky course through recession-hit Britain, liberalisation of legal services and the fallout from LASPO, writes Elizabeth Davidson Part one of this article looked at the options available for legal aid firms who

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