Doing it Yourself: litigants in person in the post-LASPO family court

Posted by - 14th December 2018

The reforms to legal aid in England and Wales have been the subject of significant controversy since their implementation under the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act in April 2013. In my recently completed doctoral research, I examined the ways in which this has marked a fundamental shift in how different people

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The great fallacy of mandatory sentencing laws

Posted by - 6th December 2018

The great fallacy of mandatory sentencing laws is the thought that being tough on crime will deter people from committing crimes in the first place. This is an attractive prospect, as legal professionals and policymakers we strive to see less people incarcerated and going through the criminal legal system. Yet as Ed Davey MP, the

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JusticeWatch: Untold damage

Posted by - 16th November 2018

Judge crowdfunds whistleblowing case The first judge to take a whistleblowing appeal to the supreme court launched a crowdfunding campaign to test the employment rights of judges, reported Owen Bowcott in the Guardian. Apparently, Claire Gilham, a district judge at Warrington county court, raised concerns about ‘overwork, death threats and bullying, as well as austerity’

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Defining ‘vulnerability’ in the enforcement of public debts

Posted by - 14th November 2018

When the accessibility of justice is threatened, considerable strain is placed on legal definitions. Such definitions carve out the boundaries of, for example, eligibility for increased welfare support. They may provide justification for expressions of leniency or severity in legal responses, or act as a ringfence for legal issues which will be addressed outside of

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LASPO cuts a ‘false economy’, say MPs

Posted by - 9th November 2018

MPs called on ministers to restore funding for early legal advice as well as welfare advice as a matter of urgency. The Labour MP Andy Slaughter, who opened the three-hour long Westminster debate last week, claimed that the aim to reduce the legal aid budget under LASPO had been ‘overachieved’, whilst the reforms had ‘underachieved in every other

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Why Conservatives must fight for legal aid

Posted by - 13th June 2018

The UK’s legal sector is a precious national asset – a jewel in our national crown, writes Alex Chalk MP. Respected internationally, it is worth over £25 billion to the British economy. It is a key export sector too, as foreign companies routinely choose this jurisdiction to settle their commercial disputes. That in turn has helped

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Duty Solicitors: How to lift the 14 hours curse

Posted by - 6th June 2018

The purpose of this article is to help Duty Solicitors retain their status and to avoid LAA recoupments. We include real experiences of firms and outcomes. The fact is that most duty solicitors do on average undertake 14 hours per week, but many do not time record properly and some who believe they are not

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Privacy Notice

Posted by - 25th May 2018

LegalVoice and your Personal Information It’s important that as of 25th May, you know that the way we look after your personal data satisfies the new rules under the Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) about the way we collect and hold your information came into force. As a result of GDPR, we have updated

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