JusticeWatch: The persecution industry

Posted by - 3rd February 2017

The persecution industry For the Daily Mail Phil Shiner’s disgrace – the lawyer was struck off yesterday – was one in the eye for the human rights industry. ‘To this country’s self-righteous legal establishment – which garlanded him with awards – he was a campaigner for justice, and newspaper criticism of him was just ‘media-manufactured vilification’,’

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They’re lawyers, get them out of here

Posted by - 19th January 2017

If young people are to understand their rights and obtain access to justice, we need to keep the legal profession at arm’s length, says Youth Access head of policy and development James Kenrick ‘Lawyers are the last people who should be delivering public legal education to young people.’ This was a common view among the

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Haringey Law Centre receives much needed funds from City

Posted by - 18th January 2017

A north London law centre has received a much needed fundraising boost from City law firms. The City of London Solicitors’ Company has pledged to commit £10,000 a year for the next three years to support Haringey Law Centre’s ‘Dealing with Debt’ project. As Haringey’s new development officer Miranda Grell explains in an article for LegalVoice, the

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The will to survive

Posted by - 15th January 2017

Despite losing all its funding, Haringey Law Centre has managed to keep its doors open, says new recruit Miranda Grell All law centres learn to live with financial uncertainty but Haringey Law Centre has faced more funding difficulties than most. Between May and December 2016, the centre in north London had no income whatsoever. Prior

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IT changes bring hope – and hype

Posted by - 5th January 2017

Legal aid will never be restored to former levels, which means technology will be increasingly vital for access to justice, predicts Roger Smith. This is the first of a series on technology and access to justice. Content will be based on a website supported by the Legal Education Foundation as a resource for those interested

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A fairy tale of Coventry

Posted by - 21st December 2016

Sue Bent on why Christmas started early for her this year As I write this, there are a few more shopping days left until Christmas. Many people will be feeling the pressure of making sure they will have enough presents and an abundance of food to create the perfect family day that we all imagine is

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Future-proofing advice providers

Posted by - 15th December 2016

Innovation, sharing resources and information – and not reinventing the wheel will be key factors in the sector’s survival, says Chris Minnoch The Future Advice Fund was established five years ago in response to the reduction in public spending on legal advice. Aware of the particular impact this would have on not-for-profit providers, a group

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This (young legal aid) life: Heather Thomas

Posted by - 30th November 2016

It’s only Tuesday lunchtime but already it feels like Friday. That’s probably because I worked for much of Sunday and Monday was a pretty long day. This is the second in a regular series of written columns by members of Young Legal Aid Lawyers. You can read the first here. AT 11.30am on Monday, an email had

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