Domestic violence consultation deadline looms

Posted by - 29th June 2016

The Ministry of Justice is undertaking national research as to the fitness for purpose of the legal aid domestic violence (DV) evidence requirements. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) research follows the earlier successful challenge by Rights of Women (R (Rights of Women) v Secretary of State for Justice [2016] EWCA CIV91) – for background on LegalVoice see

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JusticeWatch: going the extra mile

Posted by - 10th June 2016

Going the extra mile The Guardian reported on the disturbing case of Roger Khan, ‘a dyslexic defendant’ who represented himself in the crown court ‘after being handed 790 hours of CCTV footage to review in prison to support his alibi’. Khan is now being represented the Centre for Criminal Appeals. ‘Khan’s experience highlights the difficulties

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LAPG: Adding value to invaluable services

Posted by - 9th June 2016

What does it take to keep an advice service running? The answer to this seemingly simple question is probably more complicated now than it has ever been. And is ‘running’ good enough to meet the needs of our complex and diverse clients? Social welfare advice services, and in particular those run by not-for-profits, now have

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 Police and Crime Commissioners: the public face of justice

Posted by - 23rd May 2016

Blink and it is almost possible to miss the election cycle which installs Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) across England and Wales’ 43 county based territorial police forces; this year’s elections took place on May 7th with an increased turnout on 2012’s elections. The establishment of the elected PCC role was a hugely controversial policy

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A mad dog day afternoon on the duty scheme

Posted by - 12th May 2016

If the housing duty scheme is like speed dating, then anti-social behaviour cases are more akin to salvaging a relationship in the last throes of life – chucking everything at it just to keep it alive. Against all the odds. And the odds were definitely against Guinness, a dog whose owner, Ronald, desperately wanted him

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Lawyers need ‘strong dose of humility’, according to new research

Posted by - 10th May 2016

Whilst almost one third of lawyers reckon they offer excellent value for money, only one in 10 clients agree. This was one of the findings in legal publisher LexisNexis’s annual Bellwether Report published yesterday. According to the new research, which drew on interviews with 122 independent lawyers and 108 clients, more than half of solicitors (56%) said

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New free leadership development programme launched – apply now

Posted by - 4th May 2016

  Applications are still open for our new free leadership development programme designed specifically for senior leaders in the advice sector. We are hugely excited about it here at Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) because we want this programme to do more than just produce talented individual leaders. The programme has been devised

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