JusticeWatch: Magna Carta, did she die in vain? etc

Posted by - 20th June 2014

JusticeWatch, June 20 Magna Carta, did she die in vain? etc Happy anniversary. June 15th marked a special day in the history of democracy and jurisprudence. It was the 799th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta by King John at Runnymede in 1215. Lawyers, campaigners and celebs chose to celebrate this year by

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JusticeWatch: the downward spiral

Posted by - 13th June 2014

Magna Carta day First things, first… Monday is Magna Carta day organised by the Justice Alliance. Details of a protest near you HERE Unhappy families ‘As a family law solicitor with 35 years’ experience, I am becoming increasingly dispirited by the wholesale dismemberment of our civil justice system by the government,’ began Gerald A Cumming,

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JusticeWatch: Holding out for a hero

Posted by - 6th June 2014

Weekly round-up: June 2 Holding out for a hero called SARAH Chris Grayling discussed his ambitions for SARAH for Conservative Home. SARAH, in case you have missed this, is the rather innocuous name for his latest attack on the dread compo culture. It stands for the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill or for short

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JusticeWatch: Treble refreshers all round!!!

Posted by - 30th May 2014

Weekly round-up: May 30 Communication breakdown Chris Grayling got ‘a wigging’ over court translators, noted Hugh Muir in his diary in the Guardian. Muir was referring to the long-running fiasco over court translation services. As reported back in 2012, the performance of Capita – which won the then newly-privatised contract for court interpretation services –

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JusticeWatch: A conflicted Lord Chancellor and a divided profession

Posted by - 2nd May 2014

Weekly round-up: May 4 Hey, legal aid abusers, take heart. Not everyone has been impressed by Chris Grayling’s recent bouts of lefty legal aid lawyer-bashing (see Daily Telegraph for his attack on ‘left wing lawyers’ and caricaturing JR as ‘a promotional tool for left-wing campaigners’ in the Daily Mail). The Joint Committee on Human Rights

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Weekly round-up: April 25

Posted by - 25th April 2014

‘I want lawyers out…’ This week saw the introduction of a ‘cultural revolution’ in the family courts – or else ‘ the biggest shake-up of family justice in 25 years’. But what about those separating couples left to find navigate the courts without a legal aid lawyer as a result of last April’s LASPO. The

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Weekly round-up: April 11

Posted by - 11th April 2014

Britain today BBC’s Panorama looked at the impact of the government’s benefits cap six months after it was introduced. The programme followed council officers in the London borough of Brent for seven months. Panorama reported that some 38,000 households in England, Scotland and Wales had seen their benefits capped at £26,000 a year since the

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Weekly round-up: April 4

Posted by - 4th April 2014

Calling time at the Bar? Do we really need barristers’ chambers? asked Adam Makepeace, practice manager of the largest defence firm Tuckers in the Solicitors Journal. Defence solicitors were still fuming this week over the alleged treachery of the leaders for selling them down the river as a result of the Criminal Bar Association deal

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Weekly round-up: March 28

Posted by - 28th March 2014

Runnymede mugs and Magna Carta mouse mats ‘If this is a war, and the government is the enemy, you have to have some sort of armament to assert that what they’re doing is illegal,’ said Gareth Peirce this week – as reported on the www.thejusticegap,com. ‘In that context, we ought to look at the death,

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