Clio Case Management System

What it is:

A cloud based case management system for legal practices – you can see more about it on their website here.

What donation or discount is available?

The whole case management package is included. For those charities who meet the criteria below it will be free, for those who aren’t eligible but are a registered charity, they will receive a 50% lifetime discount (equivalent to £28 a month per user).

Free to:

The system is being offered free to

  • pro bono clinics affiliated to universities OR
  • free legal advice charities who utilise law student volunteers their work in some way (admin, advice giving, form filling etc), ideally through a partnership with a university.

Each charity request will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Contact and we will arrange for a demo to be set up for you and consideration for the free package.

London Legal Support Trust Logo - RecutThese resources have been compiled by the London Legal Support Trust as part of their “making every penny count” project to help the advice sector save money on expenditure.

If you have any thoughts on schemes that you have used, resources that could be signposted to, or you have suggestions for the other areas where a group buying scheme may be beneficial then please let us know by contacting 

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