Cloud Based Working with WorkPlace Live

WorkPlaceLive is a UK company offering Hosted Desktop services. Customers no longer need to worry about expensive software licensing updates, backups, or support – as this is all included as part of the package. You are also able to have your extension available to you wherever you are.

If you are moving premises, needing to renew old hardware or reviewing your current IT arrangements, WorkPlaceLive Hosted Desktops could be just what you are looking for. Cloud based Hosted Services can offer your organisation the flexibility and security that it needs.


  • Increased Productivity and Mobility.
  • Scalability – add or remove users and applications.
  • Negligible downtime.


  • Low Monthly Fee – better cash flow. Hosted Desktops saves 30% to 50% over 4 years.
  • Expect IT maintenance costs per year to drop to 10%.
  • Reduce the cost of provisioning IT – on average £1200 per person every year.
  • Reduced Electricity Costs – no powering and cooling server rooms.
  • Cheaper PCs – energy efficient and longer life.

Peace of Mind:

  • Staff – improved uptime, productivity and mobility.
  • Disaster Recovery with business backup.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me at: If you are a member of a Charitable organisation, ask about current Member’s Offers.

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