Franking Machine Group Offer

What it is:

A buying group for franking machines that has been set up by a large business for its own use, but that it is happy for advice charities to make use of. Group deal contracts include the quarterly rental and maintenance as well as a 20% discount off the price of ink.

Charities who spend over £400 a year on postage would be very likely to save money through this deal.

Free to:

Any registered charity or organisation in the UK that provide or facilitate free legal advice to those in need.

The process:

If you are interested and don’t yet have a machine just get in touch as per below.

If you do have a machine already then let us know
– the machine number and model
– estimated throughput
– current costs and what they include

so we can provide you with a better idea of what you could save.


Email with “Franking” as the subject line for more info.

London Legal Support Trust Logo - RecutThese resources have been compiled by the London Legal Support Trust as part of their “making every penny count” project to help the advice sector save
money on expenditure.


If you have any thoughts on schemes that you have used, resources that could be signposted to, or you have suggestions for the other areas where a group buying scheme may be beneficial then please let us know.

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