Group deals for Photocopiers / Printers

What it is:

A buying group for photocopiers / printers that has been set up by a large business for its own use, but that it is happy for advice charities to make use of. Group deal contracts include all service, consumables, parts and maintenance as well as emergency repair within 4 hours.

The average prices for B&W photocopiers (including scanner, printer etc) far outweigh any deal LLST have seen (or funded) in the past few years (mostly with small organisations of between 5 – 25 staff).

Average savings for those who have had comparisons undertaken so far are between 25% to 58% less than their current contract.

Free to:

Any registered charity or organisation in the UK that provide or facilitate free legal advice to those in need. LLST do not get any % or benefits separate to the group – this is a scheme for the benefit of all who are part of it equally.

The process:

If you would like to see what you could save under the scheme (no obligation and even if you won’t need to change for a while) email over the details of your current:

–     Model of printer
–     Charges and what they cover
–     Approx how many b&w pages per month
–      If you have colour, approx how many colour pages per month

And we will come back to you with a comparison (or further questions)


Email with “Photocopiers” as the subject line

London Legal Support Trust Logo - RecutThese resources have been compiled by the London Legal Support Trust as part of their “making every penny count” project to help the advice sector save money on expenditure.

If you have any thoughts on schemes that you have used, resources that could be signposted to, or you have suggestions for the other areas where a group buying scheme may be beneficial then please let us know by contacting .

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