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What could be better than getting a certification from a world-leading vendor? For many years, the Microsoft company provides an opportunity for professionals to confirm their skills and proficiency in the different fields of IT. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you can always choose a certification that is right for you. Of course, in order to get certified, you will have to study hard, but it is definitely worth it.

What does it take to become a Certified Windows Server Administration Fundamentals? This question is a bit complicated if you are new to your career. But if you have been in the industry for quite some time, then for sure you have come across Microsoft and its critically acclaimed certifications. Well, there are a lot of them. That is why getting Microsoft certified is considered icing on the cake for most professionals seeking their worth in an organization.

Proving one’s value in an organization has become more and more difficult because of the notable rise of updates as well as the increase of professionals in the same field. That is why adding a cherry on top of your profile provides a big difference to your career. But how do you do that? The answer lies in the wealth of credentials offered by Microsoft, which includes the ever beneficial – Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification. So, if you are committed to becoming one yourself, you are definitely on the right track to proceed with discovering the answer to such important question as we give you a useful guide on acquiring this certification for yourself.

What is Windows Server Administration Fundamentals?

First and foremost, you should know that Windows Server Administration Fundamentals is considered an intermediate level of the computer networking theme. This credential orbits around concepts such as server roles and installation, storage, configuration, virtualization and the like. Hence, a familiarity with the operating system and networking fundamental is truly advantageous. Because this credential is scaled on the advanced stage, candidates should make sure that they are furnished not just with knowledge but also skills needed to obtain the certification.

What is the Microsoft 98-365 exam?

Being certified in this field will open up a lot of opportunities for you, especially in the technological sector. There are 2 million people every year who take up to get certified. An important aspect for you to be eligible for this certification is to pass the famous and one of the most notable exams in the field of IT.

We are talking about the exam that IT professionals are equipped and had mastered with, which is the 98-365 exam. This test boasts of its technical questions that aim your ability to accomplish technical tasks. In general, it gives you an overview as well as high-level ideas of Windows Server, its installation, and the services that Windows Server provides.

Although this is a very challenging exam, 98-365 exam is proven to be cost-effective, fast, and helpful support by IT industry experts so you can successfully proceed with the certification process.

Who can take the exam?

The candidates eligible for this exam must be familiarized with Windows Server administration, including different concepts and tools. And such background must be accompanied by practical experience on topics related to Windows-based networking, account supervision, active directory, and system retrieval. Consequently, if you are a fresh graduate, then this exam might not be the best option for you. Take some time to prepare by getting as many work experiences so that you will expand your knowledge as well as gain practical skills, which will then be useful in the future.

What are the topics included?

The main topics included in this exam may generally contain but not limited to having knowledge on the roles, installation, management, and maintenance of server; storage and active directory. You may want to take note that the server roles topic has the most weight in the exam, which means it has a higher percentage of having more questions in the exam. A variety of the type of questions is made available in video tutorials in Microsoft.

How to pass the 98-365 exam?

In preparation, you can start with “Exam 98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Student Study Guide” or the book authored by Microsoft Official Academic Course. Through this, you’ll have a deliberate studying pace so that you will not be stressed with the number of topics to be covered. After that, you can now move on with the tutorial also offered by Microsoft, the Microsoft Virtual Academy: Windows Server 2012 Technical Overview.

On top of the study guides and online tutorials, there are also instructor-led training courses that are equipped with practice tests. But if you want a more comprehensive and beneficial practice test, then you better take Microsoft Official Practice Test for 98-365 exam. There are a lot of available practice exams for 98-365 online that can help you prepare on acing the exam successfully. Additionally, Microsoft has a learning community which will enable you to hone your skills and prepare with the questions.

Once you’ve utilized all training courses and practice tests, you might think that you are 100% ready for the exam―but not yet. Be sure you try braindumps as a means of harnessing your skills and making sure that you have what it takes to ace the test. And one important reminder though is to enjoy your study journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself and see to it that you are having fun while learning.

So, are you ready to take on the journey?

As important as it is to acquire certifications in the whole field of IT, you should know how essential becoming certified to Windows Servers Administration Fundamentals is to your career. Once you earn this trustworthy Microsoft credential, you are considered to be a highly dependable professional in such a category. And with this inspiring feat praised and admired by experts and many, you have gained a reliable anchor not only academic-wise but more importantly in your career. Consequently, passing the exam clearly demonstrates your strong business impact, your visibility amongst your peers, and your validated skills and knowledge.

It is important to know that if you want to be MTA certified, you are required to pass one exam. It does not necessarily need to be the 98-365 test. To get MTA credential, you can also pass one of the offered exams.

98-364: Database Fundamentals exam will introduce you to all the concepts related to a database.

98-366: Networking Fundamentals will give you the base necessary to work with network infrastructure and hardware.

98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals will help you to understand everything about operating system configurations and maintenance.

With 98-375: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals exam you will be able to understand all the concepts necessary to build the user interface and code with JavaScript.


From this, you have proven yourself skillful and worthy of a spot in a big company, knowing that this credential is one of the core Microsoft certifications. So, it’s time to apply everything you learned from your preparation journey. Remember, the real exam begins with different critical business scenarios and real-life problems.


Good Luck on your next certification exam!

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