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Oracle is one of the most famous certification providers around the globe and their certifications are valid all throughout the world. Oracle SQL certifications are one of the most opted for certification out there. If you are someone who is looking to get Oracle certified and want to know more about Oracle SQL credentials, this article will help you. Here you will find all the information about Oracle SQL certifications and the ways to earn them.

Top Oracle SQL Certifications
Oracle SQL certifications are divided into two levels: associate and professional. As for the types, Oracle certifications are divided into Database Design and Programming with SQL and Programming with PL/SQL. Certifications are gained by passing one or two certification exams. In this article you’ll know how to get two most sought-after SQL certifications: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Certification and Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate Certification. So, here is all you should know about the two certifications.

1. Database Design and Programming with SQL
Certification -Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate
The first certification is Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate which comes under the database design and programming with SQL and is one of the most in-demand certifications. The candidates will have to pass one of the two offered exams: either 1Z0-071 or 1Z0-061. Once they are done with it, they will be able to apply for the associate level jobs in the companies. To get this credential, the candidate needs to have a thorough knowledge of SQL and should also have practical experience of handling the SQL server. In addition to the practical skills, they should also have good theoretical knowledge so that they can easily demonstrate it when needed. The next step for candidates is to pass 1Z0-062 certification exam

2. Programming with PL/SQL
Certification -Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
This is an associate-level certificate where the candidate can become Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate. The candidates need to pass 1Z0-071 or 1Z0-061 exam first of all and then take Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL, known as 1Z0-144 certification exam to get certified. They will need a thorough knowledge of the PL/SQL fundamentals, development of PL/SQL program units and its application in daily life. The topics that the candidates will have to cover in order to qualify are given on the official Oracle website and the candidates can register themselves on the website to get certified.

To get any of these certifications the candidates will have to pass the exam with a least of 65% marks. If they get lesser, they will have the choice to take the exam again after some time.

To know more details about the 1Z0-144 exam, visit the Oracle official website.

Steps to Get Oracle SQL Certifications

There are five steps involved in getting the SQL Certifications and we have described them in detail below:

1. Choose The Exam

The first thing that the candidates need to do is pick the best exam that suits their skills. Remember that these exams are very detailed and you will need some practical knowledge if you want to pass them with good grades. So make sure that you take the certification exam that you have some knowledge off.

2. Get The Study Material

Once you have decided to take the exam, you should go on the official page and start searching for the syllabus. You will find the syllabus on the page of the exam. You will also find some suggested study material on the website that you can take. The study material is available to download. You can also buy books from Amazon for example. In addition, you can find exam dumps on PrepAway website It’s a reliable online platform, that offers valid material for your study. On this website you can find a number of valid prep materials checked by IT experts, that’s why PrepAway can be trusted. Moreover, PrepAway provides you with video courses designed by real IT experts. Use as many materials for your certification exam as possible to enhance your preparation and pass the test on first try.

3. Prepare

Once you have all your study material, decide how you want to start studying for your exam. If you want to do self-study, start studying as early as possible. If you want to take online classes, register yourself and make sure you attend take out time every day to complete the course that has been provided to you. If you want to take the instructor-led classes, you should make sure that you have enough time that you can attend the classes. Also, you should be able to have some practical experience while you are preparing for the exam.

4. Register for The Exam

Once you think that most of your course is finished, it is good to register for your exam. Buy your voucher at the Oracle website and make sure that you set a date when you will be available to take the exam. Also, keep the date far enough that you have the time to revise your course.

5. Pass The Exam

The last step is giving your exam. During the exam, you will be given some complicated questions that you will have to solve with your intelligence. The questions will be from the course you have studied but they will not be easy and straightforward. Hence you should stay calm and first focus on the questions that you already know. Once you have finished the questions that you know, start brainstorming for the answers to the other questions.

After you have passed the exam you will get your results. Your exam result will be available in 30 minutes after you have finished. If you have passed, you can print out your Oracle certification there and then or it will be sent to you within the next 15 days.

Getting Oracle SQL certification can be a real-life changer in your life. It can get you numerous job opportunities. Your value in the workplace will increase immediately and you will be able to do your job in a much better manner. The knowledge you will gain while preparing for the certification is enough for you to handle all SQL related things. You can also consider this certification as one feather in your crown. You will get better-paying jobs and if you have your own business, you will be able to serve your customers better. All in all, this will act as one of the steps in taking your career to new heights. So, prepare well and get yourself certified.

To know more about Oracle SQL certifications, visit Oracle official website.

Note of Advice

The candidates applying for the certifications should keep in mind that every time they pass the exams, they will have to pay the fee. Hence it is better to only apply when you are completely ready. Also, the vouchers can only be bought at the official website and should not be bought on websites that are unauthorized. And never forget for any Oracle Certification updates. Consider all the information in the article and pass your certification exam easily. Wish you success!

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