Salesforce – free CRM / Cloud Based Database

What it is:

A cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Salesforce is an out of the box product that you then customise to keep track of contacts, supporters, funders, fundraising, finances – anything really! It is an easy to use front face for essentially a lot of spreadsheets (and any data that is in there can be exported to excel spreadsheets at any time).

What donation or discount is available?

The non-profit package is offered completely free up to 10 licences. For those charities who need further licences these are offered at a discount.

Free to:

All registered charities for up to 10 licences (more than 26,000 non-profit organisations and higher education institutions are already using Salesforce through this programme).

Extra Tips

Whilst the system is easy to use, and learn how to make minor changes, you will need some help with development from someone with experience in setting up and programming the system. A resource to find IT volunteers to set up and for later adjustments to the system is IT4Communities as detailed on another page here.

One of the biggest challenges is thinking through how you wish to use it and making sure it is as close to your ideal from the start (which is hard when you don’t know what you can do with it or imagine what you want!). A number of charities in the free legal advice / pro bono sector now use it and are happy to share their experiences – if you are interested in speaking to them or seeing how they are utilising it, please contact us.

You can also find out more about other charities that use it and ask questions on the Linked In Salesforce for Nonprofits group.


To sign up for a trial or to see the standard information and a video go to the salesforce website here 

London Legal Support Trust Logo - RecutThese resources have been compiled by the London Legal Support Trust as part of their “making every penny count” project to help the advice sector save money on expenditure.

If you have any thoughts on schemes that you have used, resources that could be signposted to, or you have suggestions for the other areas where a group buying scheme may be beneficial then please let us know by contacting 

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