UPDATE: LASPO and welfare benefits

In a Written Ministerial Statement published on Tuesday, the Government announced the legal aid position on welfare benefits advice.

  • For more information see HERE.

What welfare benefits work will be covered by legal aid after April 2013?

  • Appeals to the First-tier Tribunal in Social Security and Child Support for all welfare benefits cases (including housing benefits, war pensions, State pensions, vaccine damage payments or similar benefits) where the Tribunal reviews its own decision because there has been an error in law; and
  • Appeals on a point of law to the Upper Tribunal and onwards appeals on a point of law to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
  • All other welfare benefits work, previously delivered under the 2010 Civil Standard Contract, will not be covered by legal aid from 1 April 2013.

The Legal Services Commission said that ‘due to the timing of this amendment to welfare benefits advice’ there was not enough time to run a full tender for new face-to-face welfare benefits contracts to start from 1 April 2013 – and the volume of welfare benefits work remaining in scope will be small’.  ‘Therefore, the LSC will run a tender for face-to-face welfare benefits contracts that will start on 1 October 2013’.


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