Julie Bishop

We ignored the real fight

Posted by - 14th February 2013
The sector came together over the LASPO campaign. There was huge support across the sector. Some 5,000 responses to the Bill as well as support across the political parties in…
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Renewed anger

Posted by - 20th September 2012
I’ve just returned from a few reinvigorating days at the 500 strong National Community Legal Centres Conference in Adelaide, Australia, where I was a keynote speaker, writes Julie Bishop. It…
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IOLTA: Every little helps

Posted by - 17th July 2012
My thanks to the Law Society for kicking off discussions about how the profession can ensure that people on low incomes can get the advice they need after the Legal Aid,…
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What about our clients?

Posted by - 1st May 2012
LASPO becoming law is not just a cut, writes Julie Bishop. That would be manageable. It is the removal of free advice across the spectrum of poverty law. No longer…
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