Vicky Ling

Transforming legal aid survey

Posted by - 30th September 2013
Andrew Otterburn and I are carrying out a survey to assess the impact of the Ministry of Justice’s revised proposals on practitioners (Transforming Legal Aid HERE). We were initially encouraged…
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PCT: incredible alternatives

Posted by - 7th June 2013
Otterburn Consulting recently completed a survey to inform the Law Society’s response to the government’s consultation Transforming legal aid: delivering a more credible and efficient system on price competitive tendering…
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What was that we signed?

Posted by - 28th March 2013
The 2013 Standard Contract applies to new legal aid Debt, Housing, Family and Immigration and Asylum contracts starting on 1 April 2013, writes Vicky Ling. Many practitioners have understandably been…
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Welfare Benefits: in scope or not?

Posted by - 3rd August 2012
The Legal Services Commission’s contract managers have been conducting informal assessments of files and I have been receiving a number of queries from not-for-profit (NfP) agencies because cases advising on…
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