Sharing good practice

When the website went live in May, in a welcome message, I explained that the idea of launching an online magazine arose out of work funded by The Baring Foundation to produce a series of guides for Law Centres.

The Baring funded project itself flowed from work carried out by DG Legal funded by the Ministry of Justice with financial contributions from a number of commercial law firms.

In addition to financial assistance, South West London Law Centres also received significant pro bono legal advice and logistical support from Allen & Overy LLP.

Over the coming months, we’ll explain what work was carried out, publish excerpts and provide readers with the opportunity to obtain copies of any of these guides from the Law Centres Federation.

This toolkit included the following guides:

  • Maximising (LSC income) costs;
  • A guide to the LSC contract;
  • Supervising and developing your team;
  • Managing performance;
  • A Guide to the SRA code of conduct;
  • A data protection & information security guide;
  • A guide to the SQM; and
  • A suggested template set of procedures to comply with the SQM.

A further guide about LSC audits is currently being updated to take account of the new annual audit approach which is currently being rolled out by the LSC.

We’ll kick off shortly with a summary about how to safeguard data and ensure that information stays secure.

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