Slight delay for new tender contracts

 justice2Amidst news that approximately 100 firms plan to challenge the decisions of the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) following the announcement of the results of the duty contract provider tender and allegations that the decision-making process fell far short of best practice, the LAA has decided to delay entering into new contracts. The contracts, which were due to be signed from October 26, will now be signed after 2 November, giving firms who were unsuccessful a slightly less tight deadline in which to lodge a claim. News of the extension in timeframe came in response to firms issuing letters before action. Firms will now have an further week in which to prepare their claim. The deadline for successful firms informing the LAA of their intention to accept the contract has passed, with the LAA confirming that 519 out of 520 accepted the contracts and will now proceed to the verification stage, which will take place next week.

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